White Mom

Parenting, Race, The Cultural Evolution


Hello there. I’m Stephanie.

I seek to challenge assumptions and stereotypes about motherhood in general, and white moms in particular, and explore how we can use our privilege and power to fix what is broken in our world. I want to honor the experience of being a white American woman, or a white mom. From the daily joys and triumphs, to the struggles of having our voices less heard than those of our brothers, husbands, fathers, sons.

I also want to explore the ways we abuse our white privilege to oppress people of color, LGBTQ folks and other groups. How we commit daily micro-aggressions and how we can stop doing it. How to become allies, not part of the problem. I want to identify and celebrate daily acts of courage to connect with other oppressed groups, to use our powers of empathy and connection to forge relationships that will benefit all marginalized groups.

Wouldn’t it be great to empower white moms to embrace their natural, fierce and loving power, through thoughtful feminist deconstruction of patriarchy‘s influence on and oppression of us daily? I think so!

I want to celebrate men who are allies to women on this journey, who are exploring their own experience with privilege and their feelings about how gender roles are oppressive to them too. Who are using their privilege to create real opportunities for women to be heard and to lead. Who are embracing historically “female” values of nurturing, listening, supporting, encouraging. Who believe that our natural world is at risk with the current patriarchal, capitalist system.

I want to explore what conscious and unconscious messages we are giving our children (or nieces and nephews, or friends’ kids, or kids we teach) about gender and race. To what extent are we helping construct the society that oppresses us — i.e. how are we part of the problem without knowing it? How can we update the messages we give our kids daily, and provide new, healthy archetypes for boys and girls?

I want to join with women of color to change our white supremacist patriarchy to a system we can ALL thrive within. It’s time for women to step up and lead our world, so there will be clean water and air and natural spaces, collaborative solutions that place health above greed, and real freedom and equality for all oppressed groups.

White Patriarchy has done a great job of dominating and exploiting nature, women, and people of color for money and power. All-inclusive Matriarchy will save us all and return the quality to our lives.

That’s all.

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